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MMR vaccination vs. titer?

  1. 0 Hey Everyone,

    I was just curious... what is the difference between an MMR vaccine and an MMR titer?
    I received both MMR vaccines when I was younger, but my school said this is not sufficient for clinical. They said I need a titer. I'm just wondering why? or what's the difference?
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    The titer is where they draw your blood and check how many Ab you have to a specific virus/antigen.
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    The vaccine is, well, a vaccine and a titer is a a lab value of the antibodies being tested requiring a blood test.
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    oh okay... but do you understand why both are required?
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    The titer shows whether your vaccine "took" so to speak, and gave you immunity to the disease. For several reasons, even if the vaccination was given, you may still be vulnerable and need to be re-vaccinated.
    Hope this helps!
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    thanks so much! hopefully in 2 years, i'll know this stuff! haha
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    A vaccine is a shot given to make you develop immunity.
    A titer is a blood test, to prove that you actually developed that immunity.

    I got all of my vaccines on time as a child, including MMR. However, I am no longer immune to measles or mumps. My body's immunity just kinda went away. It happens to some people. If I had not had a titer, I would not have known this. I think they are very important.

    One of the girls in my program lost her varicella immunity, and found it out through titer.
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    wow!! good thing my school contacted me to let me know! thanks guys, your comments are greatly appreciated!
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    Pain in the neck huh! The Elliot is the ones making us do it.
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    My clinical is at the VA in Manchester... so I'm guessing all 64 of us have to get the titer no matter which clinical site. I'm going next week on the about last minute! haha
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    yea, Sarah said its the Elliot and since we will all be there at some point it has to get done. Im having my gallbladder out tomorrow, so i wont be getting around to having my blood drawn anytime soon! It was a pain though because my drs office was like you dont need the titer since you had the vaccine and I had to explain it to them 3 times it was for a specific clinical site...sheeesh! can't wait to start though huh! What did you think of the syllubus?