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Any tips on how to handle this class? I heard it's suppose to be very difficult and I'm taking 2 other classes this semester. I'm a little nervous about this class but excited about my new career... Read More

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    I'm scheduled to take Micro with two of my nursing classes but I think I can move it to an earlier semester. This is the one suggested course that I did not take before starting my bridge program for my RN. I too am looking for study tips for this class. I know on Youtube there are some study suggestion videos for different classes. You might want to try there. I have just started browsing these so I don't have any specific ones to suggest at this time. Good luck.

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    I made an excel spreadsheet listing every single microorganism my instructor mentioned in lab and lecture. Next to each microbe there was a column for Gram-reaction (+/-), shape (rod, coccus, etc.), environment/location found in (i.e., human skin, GI tract, soil), motility (motile/non-motile), respiration (i.e. is it an obligate aerobe, facultative anaerobe, etc.), disease microbe causes, and unusual characteristics.

    If you don't understand what all of those things are yet, you will! My instructor really wanted us to know the characteristics of each microbe which is why a spreadsheet helped me. Some of her questions would be along the lines of "Which of the following microbes is commonly found on the human skin?" Understand the types of questions your instructor likes to ask before the first test and you can suit your studying to best fit the exam.

    Good luck!
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    question :My gpa was 3.4 and this padt semester I did poorly on ap1 lab and lecture.I took on too many personal responsibilities which limitted quality study time ( memorization is not my best suit).I am about to take the teas5 exam and my gpa is a 3.1 and a c in ap1. should I redo ap1 in summer 13, or redo it in Fall 2013 along with micro biology?
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    Thanks you guys!!! I just printed the syllabus for my Micro Lab & Lecture and it doesn't look as scary as I'm anticipating. I'm gunning for an A. I'm taking this class along with College Algebra & Intro to Professional Nursing. Since my semester is pretty light, I'm hoping for all A's! I plan on taking my HESI A2 sometime next spring & crossing my fingers I do really well in all my classes & HESI so I can get in the Nursing program the first try. My school only takes 120 out of 600.

    Next semester will be the real test! A&P 1 & BioChem & maybe Patho? Definitely getting nervous.
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    For Micro, use flash cards for terms...that personally helped me a lot. Also, study a little bit every day. I didn't find microbiology too challenging, it was just a lot of big Latin words.
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    Also, there is a lot of memorization in micro as everyone has said. Maybe some of you visual learners can attest to this but what I did is color coordinate my bacteria to the disease on posters... if i couldn't remember the names come exam time I always remembered the colors! Best of luck!
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    Thanks you guys!!! My class started today and my lab starts on the 28th. My professor seems to be pretty cool and I'm excited. She mentioned that there's usually 12% - 18% of her students that get A's and I plan on being in that percentage.

    Wish me luck and thanks again! Good luck to you all on your classes/clinicals!
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    Have fun with quadrant streaks.. They were my absolute favorite part of micro! I think it is relatively easy to remember the names of the bacterium once you have become accustomed to the Latin.
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    My first test is Feb 12 - so far we're learning the History of Micro, Chemistry of Micro and the Tools of the lab. There's so much info, my plan is to read & review at least 2 hours per day just to make sure it's all sinking in! I am aiming for an A in this course!
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    Just posted this on another thread. Hope this helps!

    So, I took Micro with my first semester of nursing and I passed it with an A. First off how does your teacher lecture? If she writes on the board and lectures then take notes. If she does power points or outlines then just follow those and write anything extra down. Read the chapter before class. Reading it really helps with learning schemes and it allows you to form questions on things you do not understand.Look over the questions at the back of the chapter once you have studied. If you cant answer 2/3rds of them then you probably haven't grasped the chapter well enough. If you have a lab BE SURE to learn the correct methods for streaking and introducing bacteria. If you can do the technique, then you wont mess up the results. Writing flashcards help me, I have a friend that reads through and makes up multiple choice questions for herself. My micro teacher advised 2-3 hours of studying for each class hour for the students not already in the nursing program. Lastly, if you are having problems understanding something ASK, utilize the teacher's office hours! They will likely explain it in the way they want you to understand it for the test.

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