Master List of nursing skills?

  1. I am a little way through my third year of nursing school. We are now starting to have fewer labs for the core nursing skills we are scheduled to learn, for example we just learned how to change CVAD dressings (and will eventually learn to draw blood, etc). My brain's feeling pretty full right now so I'm curious what exactly I'll be learning in the last year and a half of my program. I know we'll learn IV insertion eventually but I can't think of anything else off the top of my head...This is in a Canadian nursing school.

    Or if anyone knows of some kind of master list of nursing skills, that would be great to look at as well
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    Why don't you ask the students-- that are already at that level-- that are enrolled in your school now?
    We can't possibly exactly know what your specific school will be teaching you.
  4. by   classicdame
    or go to the school library to see if a textbook is on the reference racks. The textbook will outline content and skills.

    Personally, I think you ought to just learn what they ask you to learn. There will be more learning once you graduate. Your focus right now is getting out of school
  5. by   ImThatGuy
    I wouldn't worry about it. There are lots of things thought of as skills that really don't require that much skill to accomplish. Additionally, just because it's a skill unfortunately (or fortunately) doesn't mean you'll ever get to do it.
  6. by   blueyesue