Lost my spot in the nursing program

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    I am a sophomore that had worked my butt off to get in my schools nursing program. I was admitted in April but due to failing my dosage class I have now lost my place. I now have to retake the class down in the fall and other classes to get my gpa up. I am so disappointed in myself! My life could potentially change forever. Need some encouragement.
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    I'm sorry Same thing happened to me in Spring 11. I failed my math test and had to drop out. BUT, I got accepted for the fall and am now graduating in 4 days! Work on what you missed and get excellent at math. That is what I did. I had 5 months. It was boring and repetitive but you can bet your butt every math test I have had since I have gotten a 100% on! Good luck!
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    (((((Caitlin))))) <----- Those are hugs.

    So sorry for your disappointment. As SunshineDaisy posted, you CAN do it. Take this time to rest a bit, decompress, then study, THEN kick butt girl! You can do it!
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    It may feel right now as though life is going to fall apart, but trust me, if you keep chugging on it will work out. I was in my program, but I had to back up a semester due to a failed clinical. I was devastated, but in the end it worked out really well.
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    Imagine yourself ten years from now. Deep breath, go ahead; I'll wait.

    OK then.

    That semester doesn't seem so life-altering, does it?

    Go forth and sin no more, and have a great life!
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    Nursing students frequently have to repeat a course or two. Sometimes they even have to switch schools. It happens all the time. Some of the students you were initially with will be repeating courses later in the program. It happens. Take the time to excel in the areas where you are having difficulty. Dosage cal gets a lot of folks the first time around! But I have PERSONALLY SEEN people who had difficulty with dosage cal master it. I've seen it many times, in fact. And you can do it too.

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