List of supplies to buy for a new Nursing Student

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    Hi everyone! I just got my nursing acceptance letter :bowingpur and I'm so grateful to be finally moving on from being a little pre-nursing student. So far I've bought my awesome Littman stethoscope and I'm going to be buying a manual blood pressure kit (my school wants us to have that) from It will have a cute print on the cuff & come with a matching case. I'm also going to be getting a nice penlight & bandage scissors. I'm wondering if any of you think there are any additional items I should add to the list. As far as general school supplies go, I've become a pro at picking out those b/c of my years as a pre-nursing student. But I'm sure there are some nursing school specific things I'm overlooking. Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

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    I cant live without my clipboard!
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    Figure out quickly what organization methods work best for you, if your program is anything like mine you are about to receive an avalanche of papers. I personally prefer a binder and three hole puncher.
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    I love my little teeny notebooks (spirals) that fit in my pocket. Use them for clinicals and work. BLack click-pens and a yellow highlighter.
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    -Self-sharpening bandage scissors (i.e. mini-Trauma Shears)
    -Maxwell's Quick Medical Reference
    -Your school's uniform scrubs, with requisite patches, name tags, etc.
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    Our SNA sells these clipboards with all sorts of tables on them, mostly normal lab values, abbreviations, etc that really help with clinicals.

    Organization is a huge thing for me. I use a big three-ring binder and have tabs for each class. I have another binder I use to store old test materials. I never throw anything away because you never know when you'll need it. A planner is a must, this is how I stay on top of everything.
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    iPod touch or similar thing for nursing apps. Just make sure to okay it with the school and clinical sites first!
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    [font=book antiqua]~blank and color coated flash cards
    [font=book antiqua]~rolling bag for the huge books you will be toting!
    [font=book antiqua]~planner
    [font=book antiqua]~comfy shoes (the new sketchers come highly recommended)

    [font=book antiqua]emergency pouch to carry the following:
    [font=book antiqua]~travel sized deoderant sticks - for the days you either forget or need to freshen up at clinical
    [font=book antiqua]~tylenol for the nursing induced headaches!!!!
    [font=book antiqua]~extra tampons for when you need it or when a friend needs it
    [font=book antiqua]~extra black pen
    [font=book antiqua]~#2 pencil
    [font=book antiqua]~hair tyes
    [font=book antiqua]~spare watch (even if it is a junker)
    [font=book antiqua]~breath mints and or gum
    [font=book antiqua]~lotion for when you hands are bleeding from dryness in clinical
    [font=book antiqua]~1 dollar in change, 5 single dollars
    [font=book antiqua]~phone number for: auto club & locksmith - bc stuff happens and if it does - you wont have time to be searching for that stuff
    [font=book antiqua]~picture of something that motivates you for when you have a bad test or bad day
    [font=book antiqua]~small bottle of hand sanitizer (just in case)
    [font=book antiqua]~phone numbers of fellow classmates in case you ever need something
    [font=book antiqua]~for those who are unsure of being able to handle smells - a small container of vicks to dab at the bottom of your nose before handling a c-diff clean up

    [font=book antiqua]other tips -
    • [font=book antiqua]check out relaxing music on youtube, find one you can play for the rough days
    • [font=book antiqua]flashcard is awesome!
    • [font=book antiqua]if there is a procedure or a function of something you do not understand try to look up videos on it - youtube is great source
    • [font=book antiqua]if you have a huge review given to you for a test that you have to find answer for prior to studying, get a buddy who can do the bottom half and you do the top. this leaves more study time and a friend for the program4
    • [font=book antiqua]stay out of any and all drama - it will find you - no matter where you hide or who you avoid, try to be unbiased and get out of the situation saying as little as possible
    • [font=book antiqua]this one is huge:::::: if you have a myspace, facebook or blog make it private!!!! you will be surprised that some nursing directors check up on you!!!! never ever ever update your status regarding your patients - you can get kicked out of the program, even if you leave out names! be wary of the info you allow others to see about you on the internet, if you think it is inapproriate - then it is.
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    Thanks for all the advice everyone! I looked up the nursing clipboards and they looked great, as did the clipboards that you can store things in. Does any one have a preference for bandage scissors? I'm torn between these two types:

    I like that the Nurse mate ones have a bigger hole for the 2-finger area - I think that would be more comfortable, but I have a feeling the listermate ones are higher quality.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    Also, does anyone know where I could find these pants? They look amazing but I get the impression they've been discontinued

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