Kind of a silly question...

  1. I've never gone to an orientation for school before.... What should I expect? LOL what do I wear?!
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  3. by   I.C.UNurse
    All you need to know is wear conservative clothing. Such as jeans, t-shirt and shoes. Although more than likely you will not be asked to perform skills the first day, I was. A lot of bending over. moving around and laying down to have other students practice assessments on you. So, it's best if girls do not wear skirts and flip-flops with low cut shirts and guys do not wear shorts, flip-flops or a tank top. You can wear more casual stuff later in nursing school once you get the routine down and what you will be doing each day. So, if you wear jeans and a t-shirt with shoes the first day you should be fine.

    Along the lines of what to expect is you may feel like the professors are throwing stuff at you and you cannot keep anything straight and half the stuff they are talking about doesn't make any sense, this is normal DO NOT freak out. Bring a planner and write down all important dates (i.e. clinicals, simulations, skill days, academic classes, etc.). Also, print off all syllabuses before hand because this will be more than likely where your class and clinical schedule will be. You will feel totally lost and behind the first couple of weeks, everybody does. Just keep all important dates in a planner and study your tail off. Routine will come to you, but not for about a month of two.

    Just be organized/prepared with all syllabuses and you should be fine the first day. Good luck!
  4. by   bsartor
    This is actually a great question! I wish I had knew what to expect. You can wear casual clothes but because some of your professors may be there you may want to dress really nice and semi-professional (read: dressy top and dark jeans or slacks. No need for a suit or anything like that). Be sure to bring something to hold all the paperwork that you will receive, some paper to write notes, a pen and a planner to record important dates. This is important: be sure to introduce yourself to a few classmates and exchange emails. **This is important if you have a question about something. You can help each other out!**

    Orientation is where they welcome new students and literally "orient" them to what the program will be like. They can be a couple of hours long or last all day- so be prepared. Because its nursing school, the main speaker (usually the Dean, Assistant Dean, or such) try to lay out what nursing school is going to be like. They may talk about registration requirements such as BLS/CPR, vaccinations, etc. They will probably discuss how to register for the first semester. They will go over uniform guidelines and give you a supply list. You may get a booklist for your first semester, as well as the book list for all of your courses. Lastly they discuss all of the departments that you may need throughout the program such as Advisement, FinAid, Public Safety etc. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   lub dub
    Very good question. Dress in a professional manner (NO jeans), bring pen & paper for taking notes, and please please please, turn off your cell phone & put it away during the presentations!!!
  6. by   myjade_84
    You are not asking a silly question. What you wear will tell other people of who you are. On your orientation, wear something that is formal. I agree with lubdub, don't wear jeans. Show everyone that you are decent and a neat person.
  7. by   eyesopen_mouthshut
    Thanks guys!! I have an outfit put out so I'm readying that department... Also have a large planner with a notes section in the back for other info and (obviously) notes. It's this Tuesday from 1-4 super excited!
  8. by   LoriRNCM
    Khaki pants and a summer blouse. Ours is definitely not formal but I will not be wearing jeans either. Don't think we are doing any practicals or anything, just an info session.
  9. by   tyvin
    First impression and all that...dress casual professional. Pen and paper or a netbook/tablet for notes. Turn off your cell during orientation. Have fun!