Just got into the RN program!!

  1. I just recieved my letter of acceptance into the registered nursing program at Milwaukee Area Technical College. They use a strict petition process and many students have to petition two or three times, so I was really nervous about petitioning my first time. I completed my general education classes a while back and had to take a few years off due to financial aid issues. I am so happy to have my financial aid back and to get into the nursing program after all this time! I'm so excited!! Looking forward to starting next semester and finally getting my degree!
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  3. by   aaakers27
    Congrats! I am from WI as well and am in my first year of nursing classes at Marian University in Fond du Lac.
  4. by   Summer Days
    Congrats and all the best, keep your eyes above the waves :P
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  7. by   Caitlin023
    Thank you all. Congrats to you too aaakers27! How is it going so far?
  8. by   aaakers27
    Stressful, so much reading. But I like it!
  9. by   Caitlin023
    Glad to hear you like it! I'm already stressed about it and I haven't even started, but I'm excited!
  10. by   medpro10
    I bet the wait would be so worth it in the end! Good luck and hang in there.
  11. by   FutureRn012015
    Congratulations ! I have just been accepted to my RN program of choice as well !!
  12. by   Caitlin023
    congrats future RN! It's definitely an accomplishment to even get in. They don't make it easy on us! I'm going to my orientation next week- looking forward to it! Good luck to you both!
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  13. by   CBUStudent2016
    Is Marians University BSN program in WI Fond Du Lac a good program? How did you like it aaakers27 ?