Just finished my last test in Nursing School!! (except for NCLEX :)) | allnurses

Just finished my last test in Nursing School!! (except for NCLEX :))

  1. 5 I just recently took my last test and sat through my last lecture EVER!!! It's especially exciting for me because I failed this particular class last semester by 1% but not this time!!! Now I just have to get through Transitions without feeling like a complete moron and then take NCLEX

    I can't wait to be completely done for good!!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!!
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    Congrats!!!! Can't wait to post something like this!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats! It's been a rough semester so good to hear there's an end to it someday.
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    Congrats!! I have two exams left and one lecture...I can't wait!
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    CONGRATS!!! What an exciting time for you

    In 2 weeks I'll be able to say the same thing
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    Congratulations. It's an amazing feeling, isn't it?

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