Jan vs August

  1. Just wanting advice on which time to enter my BSN program. It's 5 semesters long--January start has summers off, August start does not.

    I will graduate May 2016 regardless.

    What personally would y'all pick? Go at a slower pace with summer breaks or straight through?

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  3. by   2ndCareer_Nurse2B
    It really depends on you. Do you have things going on in the Summertime? Do you want a bit of a break before you start the program? You may want to take a break after a couple of semesters to just relax and get your sanity back! On the other side, you may want to just get it over with. It's up to you...
  4. by   krisiepoo
    OMG, summer break for sure for me... I need the downtime, this summer was my first off in 2 years (took pre-reqs the last 2 years) and it helped me regroup and feel human again
  5. by   203bravo
    Another thought is having summers off may allow for a paid Nurse Extern position.
  6. by   besaangel
    Im more of a get 'er done kinda person. I like to get in and get out. Even though a break might be good, I like to go during summers so I dont get relaxed/lazy when it comes time to start Fall. btw, I vacay twice a year and I use SPring break or in between semesters for that