is this real life?!?! is this real life?!?! | allnurses

is this real life?!?!

  1. 11 i DID IT. I passed nursing school!!!! One more exam until I am a RN
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    YAY! Congratulations! I understand though. I have 1 final and my exit ATI and I am done as well. It's hard to realize that in a few short days I will be done. I will be an RN soon. OMG!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the nursing family
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    Congrats.... I hope to say that one day
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    Congrats, can't wait to be in your shoes in 2 years
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    Congratulations. We need you out here!
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    Congrats!!!! Can you give those who are entering nursing school like myself any advice or things to expect?
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    thank you everyone! it just takes dedication, time and commitment. with those things anything is possible. dont let anything get you down, and just pick yourself back up when you fall. dont read your books from start to end .. there is no way enough time for that. go off the powerpoints in class and use the book as a review for what you need to know more of. if you can commit yourself to this you got it.

    but dont forget to take time out for you. take time out for family, friends, dinner, drinks etc. youre gonna need it