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Is night school possible?

  1. 0 I am an active duty Marine currently deployed to southern Afghanistan. I will be going to a non deploying unit after this. I will be doing the whole 9 to 5 thing. My question is Is it possible to get a BSN only attending night school? i would like to stay on active duty while i finish my degree. I have not had time to start my schooling due to deployments and now i have the opportunity to attended after hours classes. Does anyone have any advice for me? Are there any good night schools in the Baltimore, MD area? I am certified in Combat Life Saving (CLS) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). I would like to do something in the Emergency/Trauma field. Well any advice would help. Thanks.

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    Hey there Jamesday:
    Listen, why don't you post this on the Military Nurses forum? You might get more responses.
    Secondly, have you looked into attending a distance type program? Lots of accredited BSN programs are now on-line and would seem to fit into your schedule. If you attend a program "out-of-state" then you might have to set up your own clinical site with a preceptor, but that is like the only major drawback I could envision for you.
    [Okay, please wait til I get my flame retardant suit on!] Lastly, have you ever thought about "crossing over" and going Green (as in the Army)? They would pay for your education and give you a stipend, as well. You would be non-deployable as long as you are in school. Just a suggestion......
    Congrats on being certified in both CLS and the TCCC! Good Job!
    If I can be of some help don't hesitate to PM me.
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    I really don't have any good advice but just wanted to say thank you for your service and good luck to you, you will be a great asset to nursing
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    You could consider getting your pre-reqs done online, that's what I'm doing and I will be able to get all but 2 done that way. And I too want to say thanks for your service, my hubby was a Ranger and I appreciate all the sacrifices you have to make. Good luck!!
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    Depends on where you are stationed.....

    DD is a combat medic over in the sand box right now. She will be home EOM or 1st wk Feb. After that she will be a short-timer. She will come home to JAX where FCCJ has a night/weekend courseload for nursing. Could you get a Xfer to NASJAX? Just a thought.....
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    thanks for your message. i can't seem to find the military forum. do you have any recommendations on an online BSN program? i have thought about going the Army way but after much research i have chosen to stick with the navy nurse corps. everyone on this site is very helpful. thanks.

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    Hello Jamesday:
    Home page of AN, go to Specialty tab and click on it then click on "Nursing Specialties"....scroll down until you see the forum "Military Nursing....."
    Try this web site:
    Also here on AN scroll down and check out the "Available topics" tag...
    Another suggestion: go to your home state forum here on AN and pose that question regarding attending a BSN program
    What about the Navy Times? Or, better yet, Perhaps you could find some information regarding attending school while down range?
    Hey, Keep Safe! HOOAH (thats HOO-RAH to you Devil Dogs)