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Is anyone else graduating

  1. 0 Just wanted to know if anyone else is graduating this year ( I'm done August 2013) and feel as if you aren't ready or don't remember anything?? I'm actually getting sick to my stomach knowing that soon ill be on my own. I have a B average the whole way through nursing school and I know the stuff when I'm at clinical and tests but I just feel like I don't know as much ad some other people in class! Is this normal??
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    Gosh, I hope its normal! I graduate in 125 more days. I am sooo excited! I feel like I have been in school forever, but yet feel like I know NOTHING! I hope someone can comment on here saying that it will all be ok. Good luck to you and congrats!
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    It's normal. I graduated in December and passed my NCLEX two weeks ago. I started my job last week, and everyday I walk in thinking I know next to nothing. You'll be fine!
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    I graduate in May and I feel so incompetent!! But every nurse I've talked to said it takes like a year on the job before you start to feel like a nurse!
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    We graduate at my school May 8th 2013!
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    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one! It just sucks knowing I've been in school forever and feel like "what the heck was I doing the whole time that I don't remember nothing ". It makes me nervous! I'm hoping it will get better! Thanks all
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    I am in the same boat... I graduate may 13 and feel like I don't know anything. I start clinical in the ICU Monday and I am so nervous.
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    I am currently doing my preceptorship and I kind if feel different than some if you. As I talk with my preceptor, who has been a Cardiosrugery nurse for years, I keep realizing that there is so much I haven't even come close to knowing, but I do feel that there are many things that I do know.
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    I'm also feeling a bit clueless! I finish uni at the start of June and start my grad program on 12 August. I also have 8 weeks of clinical between now and June.