Is anyone else graduating

  1. Just wanted to know if anyone else is graduating this year ( I'm done August 2013) and feel as if you aren't ready or don't remember anything?? I'm actually getting sick to my stomach knowing that soon ill be on my own. I have a B average the whole way through nursing school and I know the stuff when I'm at clinical and tests but I just feel like I don't know as much ad some other people in class! Is this normal??
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  3. by   Pia Mater
    Gosh, I hope its normal! I graduate in 125 more days. I am sooo excited! I feel like I have been in school forever, but yet feel like I know NOTHING! I hope someone can comment on here saying that it will all be ok. Good luck to you and congrats!
  4. by   Racer15
    It's normal. I graduated in December and passed my NCLEX two weeks ago. I started my job last week, and everyday I walk in thinking I know next to nothing. You'll be fine!
  5. by   nursingstudent2013
    I graduate in May and I feel so incompetent!! But every nurse I've talked to said it takes like a year on the job before you start to feel like a nurse!
  6. by   PatMac10,RN
    We graduate at my school May 8th 2013!
  7. by   BBRANRN2013
    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one! It just sucks knowing I've been in school forever and feel like "what the heck was I doing the whole time that I don't remember nothing ". It makes me nervous! I'm hoping it will get better! Thanks all
  8. by   NEOLUV
    I am in the same boat... I graduate may 13 and feel like I don't know anything. I start clinical in the ICU Monday and I am so nervous.
  9. by   PatMac10,RN
    I am currently doing my preceptorship and I kind if feel different than some if you. As I talk with my preceptor, who has been a Cardiosrugery nurse for years, I keep realizing that there is so much I haven't even come close to knowing, but I do feel that there are many things that I do know.
  10. by   Mopples
    I'm also feeling a bit clueless! I finish uni at the start of June and start my grad program on 12 August. I also have 8 weeks of clinical between now and June.