Intake and Output Math Problems

  1. I was wondering if you all could tell me where to find these types of problems. I have checked out the sites that is listed here, but none of them have I & O questions on them. I have missed I & O problems on the last two tests, and they are going to be on the final. I know they are simple but I am doing something wrong. I asked my teacher to explain where I went wrong, and she basically said to figure it out on my own. These problems are not covered in our math book at all. So I am at a lost. If no one has any ideas, can you post me an I & O question with the answer to see if I can figure it out. I would appreciate all the help I can get. I want to do good on this final, which is next Thursday. Thanks.
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    you could just do a internet search...but what exactly is giving you it meals, IVs, the whole day, etc...?
    i.e. I've always figured that one cup of liquid is 240mL, a whole pitcher(where I work) is 1000mLs, ANY food that turns to liquid in the body is one to keep track of(jello, broth, ice cream), and anything that comes out of the body that is measureable is important. can you give us some direction in where you're having trouble?
  4. by   blynn9173
    She did not give my paper back to me where I worked it out to let me see what I was going wrong. I wish I knew. I will look it up on the internet and see what I can find. Thanks.
  5. by   ~FutureNurse~
    Take a deep breath. Here is what I do.

    I remember 5, 15, 30, and 240.
    5mL= 1 tsp
    15mL= 1 TBsp
    30mL= 1 ounce
    240 mL= 1 Cup

    Those are your conversions. I do each and every I&O problem twic!!. As soon as you get your paper, write the info on your paper (5,15,30,240), that will help you remember. You are prolly having trouble with conversions, or are going too fast, and missing something. I make a list at the bottom of my test of the numbers, and I put a check mark on the numbers in the problem when I have them on the list--this is to ensure that I don't skip over something. (Does that make any sense?) I don't have my math book handy, or I'd give you some examples. Good luck, and I hope I helped!
  6. by   shrimpchips
    Always remember that 30mL = 1oz. At my facility, the food trays contain a paper with all of the contents, and it will say things like "4oz milk; 4oz cranberry juice; 7oz coffee" so say for example they drank all of that, that would be 450mL (or 450cc...because 4oz = 120mL/cc and 7oz = 210mL/cc). Don't forget to include any cream that was used in the coffee - creamers are 15mL/cc each. Very important, especially if they use 4 creams (that's an extra 60mL/cc!) Remember that ice is always 1/2 of its volume. If you fill an 8oz (240mL/cc) cup with ice, it is actually 4oz (120mL/cc) of liquid. If you're never sure on the volume of something, look on the package because it will usually tell you. General things are 4oz (120mL/cc), 7oz (210mL/cc) or 8oz (240mL/cc). If it looks like maybe half of the liquid is gone, grab a graduated cylinder and measure. It is important to be as accurate as possible when calculating I/O's.
  7. by   jenniferclare
    I'm working on I&Os right now, and this post helped me a lot. Thanks everyone!
  8. by   cwRN2012
    Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful!!
  9. by   Bel84
    I am also having problems figuring out how to calculate I&O's. I did a problm which I thought I was right, but it said I was wrond. Here's the problem: The physician orders 2L to be instilled with a dwell time of 40 mins. The nurse measures outflow and finds it to be 1800. During the nurse's shift, the client drinks 700mL and voids 400mL. Record the client intake in mL. Thank you in advance for your help.