Insensitive nursing instructors

  1. Is your nursing instructor insensitive? We don't all have thick skin. What do you do to protect yourself from insensitive instructors? Please share any experiences or stories that you have heard.

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  3. by   BloomNurseRN
    I don't really have a comment about insensitive instructors. While I have had some that were very intimidating, I have been lucky that above all they have wanted to see us succeed.

    I do have a comment about the cartoon though. In my email and in this post, I'm only seeing part of the cartoon and the bottom of the cartoon is a black box. Is it supposed to look like that? There doesn't seem to be a caption or punchline! Thanks!
  4. by   jka.richards
    Hi Bloomgirl118,

    I'm not sure what you are seeing, so I will describe it. It is a nursing student sitting in the chair of a dermatologist. The student is looking stressed and says to him "I'm in nursing school and one of my professors is an insensitive jerk. Is there anything you can give me that will make my emotional skin thicker?"

    Made me laugh as I start nursing school in September and am wondering if I won't be feeling the same way in the next few month.