Ideas for Health Care Issues Skit? Lost!!!

  1. I have to come up with some health care issues for Ohio. It is for a project and I have to put together a SKIT to present it, and if no original skit, somehow think of something creative. I am LOST. . . Can someone offer me some guidance. . GOOGLE is giving me nothing - I feel like this - Anyone? help? Please? It is my last quarter - I have 8 weeks left and I AM DRAINED and then I have to do this HORRID project - -
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  3. by   quiet_one
    I feel your is almost over!!!

    Not really sure what Ohio's issues are, but maybe you could do some general ones like low-income families access to heatlh care....smokers or smoking cessation programs in ohio, they all have adequate access to for making it a skit, get a few of your classmates together and just have fun (the more heads you put together the better), exaggerate everything but don't lose your me your class and teachers will enjoy a good laugh in this high pressure time!

    Good Luck with your project...don't worry this will seem like no big deal in 8 weeks!
  4. by   Daytonite
    search what is before the ohio legislature that is healthcare oriented: in searching for documents with the word "nurse" in them i found these: which is something about house bill 19 which wants to require schools to adopt a policy to address incidents of dating violence and include dating violence education for grades 7 through 12 within each school's health education curriculum. the funding for this would involve training of school nurses that included information about basic principles and warning signs of dating violence. sounds like an interesting idea that as a med/surg nurse i would never even be thinking about since i've never been involved in school nursing. and it looks as if h.b. 19 is newly introduced. a violent date situation is something that could be made into a skit quite easily and be a lead in to a talk about the proposed legislation.

    i also looked at h.b. 105 ( which also looks interesting: to create the lupus education and awareness program and to make an appropriation.
    you might also want to do your own search and look at and read some of these bill proposals and see if one of them interests you. you may want to search further to find out what state legislators and organizations are behind these bills and contact their offices for more information. sometimes the local newspapers will have articles about these as well. this is a great way to get background information to add to this skit and project that you need to do. or, call your own state rep or senator's office and ask them what bills they are sponsoring that are currently affecting healthcare. good luck!
  5. by   cursedandblessed
    we had to do group projects in the fall. and though no longer rec. for use one group did their's on compression stockings and came out dancing dressed in hospital gowns and compression stocking to the tune of the song "legs" (i'm thinking lynard skynard is the band-but hey it's early). it was the cutest thing.
  6. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from scmedasst
    ...the tune of the song "legs" (i'm thinking lynard skynard is the band-but hey it's early). it was the cutest thing.
    even without having had my coffee yet... zz top (for some reason the music video has always stuck in my head although i haven't seen it for 20+ years).

    op: following up on daytonite's suggestion, you may find that your local county health department publishes a list of priorities for the next year so check their website, too.

    other things you could: disease prevention (hiv or lymes disease), nutrition, obesity...

    lots of things...
  7. by   tracyd77
    Yeah, I have no clue about Ohio issues, since I'm in GA... BUT, I helped with a drama team of my church's youth group for a while... and it was easy to come up with skits when you pair it with a song. Find a cute song that you could sing/dance along with and then match it with an issue that you can replace words or play off of the words... think Al Yankovic. And don't forget costumes and characters! I'm assuming that this is supposed to be a more lightweight-end-of-semester type project. So go funny and don't worry so much about.
  8. by   cursedandblessed
    thanks! some days my brain isn't all there. i'm totally wiped from clinical now! thank goodness five days off for easter break!!