I passed!

  1. So I passed my first semester of nursing school! I was very discouraged thruout the semester only making grades averaging a 70 which is passing in our school. And I got an 83 on my final! It boosted my grade so much and I am so proud of myself! I wasn't sure I had the potential to pass and had bad anxiety of failing but I did it! The only bummer is the 3 of my friends that are my study group didn't pass (I believe its cuz they let their anxiety get the best of them, but so did i )and they were my best friends. So I'm kind of upset because we all worked so well together and the fact that I won't have that next semester sucks because no one in my class studies as well as all 3 of us together. There are only 20 kids in our class to begin with and now next semester will only be 15 kids. Its a small group and I got lucky about the class size cuz you get more attention being in a small group. Anyways I just wanted to share my success with everyone! I just will miss my friends a lot
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  3. by   BrooklynRN11201
    congrats!! was this fundamentals that you just passed? I'm not saying this to discourage you at all, but keep it up with the study groups and whatnot... I got an A in fundamentals and am now really toeing the pass/fail line here in my last (Med/Surg) semester. it definitely gets harder, but you sound like a really hard worker and you'll get there!
  4. by   Whatawaste
    Congrats! I am beginning nursing school in the fall and am looking forward although I hear the first semester is very tough.