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Just finished my last nursing class for my ADN program with a B and it feels wonderful!!!!! I'm officially a GN! 30 sec dance party time!!!!:yes:... Read More

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    One of the best thing you can do in clinicals is to SEEK OUT OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN! If you see a nurse going to perform a procedure and you are not busy, ask if you can help or at the very least, observe. If you are allowed to pick your own patients, do not pick an easy one just to have an easy day. It is the complicated ones you will learn so much from and your instructors will see that you are ambitious. Also, if you don't know, ASK! Make sure you are learning your assessments and performing them correctly, because they are so VERY important. Of course, show up on time and be prepared. Make sure you are having fun all the way through! Good luck
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    Thank you so much everyone!! Just got pinned this evening and the ceremony was so nice!! I still can't believe I am finished!!!
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    Congrats and good luck!

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