I have a few questions!

  1. Hello, everyone my name is Tyler and I just have a few questions that hopefully some of you could answer.

    1) currently, I live in Ohio and I have been accepted into a BSN nursing program out here. Originally, I am from California and my goal is to eventually live back in California when I graduate from this nursing school. My question is, when I acquire my nursing license out here in Ohio, will that allow me to move fluidly to California with it, or would I have to Re-take some sort of examination since I will be switching states?

    2) my second question deals with the "nursing shortage" and "experienced nurses". I've been reading around on the forum and read many, many posts saying how there really is no nursing shortage and its hard for new grads to get jobs that have no experience. Currently I work in a local hospital as a PCT, and I am wondering, does this job contribute to that "experience" some new grades don't have, or are they talking about actual RN experience?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   BloomNurseRN
    Once you take the NCLEX, as long as you don't let your license lapse, you won't ever have to take it again. You should be able to transfer your license through the BON.

    As for experience, I am a new nurse graduate currently looking for a job. In my experience, and with my fellow graduates, the people getting hospital jobs more easily are those that were already employed as PCT's. That does make a difference, or at least has in our area.

    Good luck!
  4. by   classicdame
    any experience is better than none. One reason we have turned away new grads is that they insist on being placed in a specific area and we have needs in other areas.

    As for the test, you won't re-take NCLEX-RN, as previously stated
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Caveat: Make sure your non-CA nursing school program is acceptable to the CA BoN. Sometimes they aren't (not picking on Ohio in particular). Otherwise: Yep, take NCLEX once, maintain valid RN license somewhere, you're entitled to look for work as an RN anywhere in the US for the rest of your working life.

    Most jobs will not count PCT experience because they aren't hiring you as a PCT. They want to hire who knows how to be an RN, so the question is, "What's your RN experience?"
  6. by   Jenngirl34RN
    I am looking at relocating after I am through school and what I have found in most of the places I have looked is that in order to transfer your license you have to provide a copy of your degree (to prove you graduated from an accredited program) and your NCLEX scores and current RN license, show you are current on required immunizations, and in some cases go through a background check or get fingerprinted. Then it is just a matter of paying all of the application and license fees for that particular state. CA is one of the states I have looked at and it works this way there.
  7. by   Katie71275
    I didn't read everyone's responses but once you finish nursing school you can apply for a CA license vs Ohio or you can get licensed in Ohio then apply for endorsement in CA. Word to the wise, I'd suggest you get a year of experience in OH before you even attempt to go back to Cali. Most new grads are having a hard time finding jobs and you will find a job much more quickly with some exp.