I have a MPH. Should I pursue a BSN?

  1. Happy New Year all! I am seeking advice about pursing a nursing degree. I just graduated with a Masters in Public Health degree and I work doing research. I think I would really like nursing, however, because I find working at a desk boring and clinical work sounds such more rewarding. However, my fiance and I will struggle financially if I go back to school (again), so I need to make sure it's the right decision.

    Is having a BSN/MPH valuable? I think it would be worth it, but I would like advice from those already in nursing

    I would have to complete all prerequisites and then apply to a nursing program. I fear completing all the pre-reqs and not getting in. I have very strong grades from my first bachelor's degree and my master's degree -but I know it's highly competitive.

    The schools I am looking at are University of South Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Florida State University. My undergrad is from FGCU and my grad is from FSU. USF's nursing program for the 2nd degree sequence seems very competitive.

    I would appreciate any advice!! Thank you all.
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  3. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    The MPH might be a valuable selling point if you wanted to go into academia or if you wanted to be a US public health service officer. I have a friend with a very high profile position at the USPHS with a MSN/MPH. I do not think it would be of any value whatsoever in a direct care position.

  4. by   WoundedBird
    I would look into grad entry programs too since you already have a masters. The one I applied to waived the GRE requirement for having an advanced degree (masters, JD, etc.) and there might be some classes you can apply from your MPH.
  5. by   lucylooo
    Thanks for the advice! What type of grad program did you do? I was thinking of trying for PA school, but I'd still have to do all the pre-reqs and it seems even more competitive than nursing. It just really seems like there aren't many jobs for just MPH degree, but I'm also not sure if it's worth spending all the time and money to go back to school. I think it would take 3 years for me to get the BSN.
  6. by   lucylooo
    Oh wow, the US public health officer sounds really interesting. But is there travel required for that? I think it would take 3 years to get my BSN because I haven't even done the pre-reqs. But it seems jobs are scarce for just having a MPH.
  7. by   WoundedBird
    I'll be entering into Ohio State's grad entry program for Clinical Nurse Leader in June. I know it's not geographically where you're looking, but take a look around at their offerings to see how the different masters-level specialities might work for you. Also, the length (at least for CNL) is 2.5 years. First year gets you ready for the NCLEX and the remaining time is your masters work.

    Hope it helps!
  8. by   DawnJ
    I also have an MPH and am in 2nd semester of nursing school because all the PH jobs they are hiring for in my area require at least an LPN. But I also like the flexibility having an RN will give me regarding working part time and in different types of healthcare areas.

    One thing I've noticed is that I have a huge advantage over my colleagues because topics like health promotion, microbiology, APA style, reading academic journals, infectious diseases, infection control and critical thinking are, at worst a review for me and at best is something already part of my normal thinking patterns.

    I say go for it, it will give you flexibility in your career.
  9. by   lucylooo
    Congratulations on your acceptance! Thank you for the advice. So you didn't need a BSN to start with the CNL program first?
  10. by   lucylooo
    Hi Dawn! I feel the same way - every time I look for jobs with my MPH, they want a nursing degree too. I think it would give great flexibility. That's great that your MPH degree is helping you in nursing school. I've heard that having an MPH can help with moving into nursing management. Have you heard anything like that? Thank you

    KAR- it doesn't look like there are any grad entry programs like the CNL in Florida. Is there a source I can find this out for sure you might know of. Thank you
  11. by   WoundedBird
    Lucy- I'm doing what's called a grad entry program at OSU which is designed for people w/o BSNs. The entire first year will get us ready for the NCLEX and then after that we go into our specialities (CNL, CNS, NP, etc). Kinda like a step up from the second degree programs. I think I've seen some links to a list of grad entry programs on here before, but can't remember which thread(s) it was in. Hope that helped a little more and feel free to keep asking questions
  12. by   lucylooo
    Wow, that is awesome KAR! I honestly didn't even know they had grad entry programs like that because I haven't seen any for the schools I've looked at in Florida. I'm geographically limited to FL because my fiance is lawyer and just passed the FL bar, he has asthma and a weak immune system so we can't live anywhere cold. Good luck to you!!
  13. by   WoundedBird
    I didn't either and was planning on doing an accelerated program but the way pre-reqs fell, OSU was the first program I could apply to and I figured why not since I was doing my pre-reqs there anyways. I try to mention it to people so they know that there's another route to nursing as a second degree. You never know, a GE program could begin in FL soon. Good luck to you and your fiance!!