I hate my pharm book!!! - page 2

Seriously, I hate it. I need something better. The thing I have is a monster--too thick, WAY too much detail.... I need a plain old drug reference. I want to open my book to the drug I need, see class and a very brief... Read More

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    Have you downloaded the Medscape app? I love it...use it all the time. I hate my Pharm book, too. It's a killer to lug around. (Do you have the Lehne text?)

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    I wanted to update this dinosaur thread in case anyone stumbles on it. I went with Mosby's Drug Guide for Nursing Students. I absolutely love this book. I also purchased it to go on my pageburst app, and that, I've decided, was a total waste because the app itself is horrendous. I'm so irritated with that app. So, I recommend the book, but if you're hoping to get it digitally, get it on a different platform than I did.
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    I also ditched my former book (Pearson's) and went with Mosby's. (I bought the 2013, but I notice that they now have out the 2014 edition).

    Mosby's has a few things that are absolutely necessary to get through our particular courses. 1st, they have chemical classes (Pearson's did not), they also have all of the (to date) black box warnings. Also, they have either the antidote or supportive treatment (or both) in case of overdose. ALL OF THIS is information for which we are responsible in clinicals. (It also has info on supplements and immunizations).

    It was difficult going with the previous book as one would have to google to try to find chemical names and black box warnings, etc. That could get pretty cumbersome along with myriad of additional clinical paperwork we are responsible for completing on the pt the night before clinical, particularly when you had a pt with 20 - 40 meds (which happens).

    After a time, you do begin to build a decent bank of your own drug cards with all of the required info, but still, it's handy to have all the resource info in one spot from the get-go.

    Prob the next thing I will purchase is an up to date IV drug book. Haven't figured out which would be best on that yet.
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    Lippincott's drug guide is good too. That's the one most people use over here.
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    Quote from sali22
    Davis drug guide is amazing!
    I use the Davis guide and LOVE it!!

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