I got a scholarship!

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    Am a non traditional student who has taken years and a few detours to get to the BSN program. I'm thrilled I got in, but then reality sank in and I started stressing about how we are going to pay for this! My husband has his graduate degree and makes decent $ but we have a family, house, cars etc to pay for. Anyway, I started applying for scholarships last month and although it is a royal pain (essay, reference letters, gathering paperwork) I have to say its totally worth it! For those of you in the same boat, do the work and it'll pay off!
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    congrats on the scholarship!!
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    Congrats! Im a 2nd career student so don't qualify for many, but applied for 4 at the end of April and hoping I get at least 1. I will be applying for another one due in June.
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    Can you guys provide any details on these scholarships that are still open?