I got accepted to CCGA for Fall 2013! I got accepted to CCGA for Fall 2013! | allnurses

I got accepted to CCGA for Fall 2013!

  1. 0 I've been trolling this site for awhile now, but I signed up today because I just got my acceptance letter today! I'm so excited! I graduated with my BS in Biology in 2010, but wasn't happy with the limited job oppurtunities, so I applied to nursing school. I'll be attending Coastal College of Georgia this fall for the ASN program,. Anyone else on here going there too? I can't wait!!
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    Congratulations! I was going to apply there but I got accepted to Armstrong's BSN program. I wish you well in the program.
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    Congrats!! I began the ASN 2012 & so far, it is great . Mrs. Gibbs & everyone else are very helpful & eager to teach! They put a twist in their teaching methods that'll keep you up! Lordwilling I graduate May 2014. Good luck & I wish you the best
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    The Asn program is very different from the bsn program. The Bsn program is still in the trials and error stage...that's all I'll say about that ..congrats and good luck!
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    I have also been accepted into the ASN program at CCGA. I can't wait to start.
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    Sooo how was the first semester?
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    Are you still in the ASN program?