I feel great and sad at the same time

  1. I am currently in my first semester of my rn adn program woo hoo.. It is great I love my clinical group and our clinical instructor, the school is about 10-15 minutes away from my home. I just received a letter from the bsn program that I was planning to attend to after I completed my ADN. But, the bsn school accepted me for their fall 2013 program I was not expecting this at all. I have paid for everything for my ADN program already and this bsn program is farther from my house. Has any else experienced this kind of situation and would you go to the bsn program or just stick it out through the adn program.
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  3. by   Ebbi
    I have not personally experienced this but I've read similar threads on this site and each individual in your circumstance decided to pursue the BSN route. My only question would be is BSN a traditional 4yr program or an accelerated second degree program? If it is a second degree program it will take About the same amount of time as an associates degree so that should be a no brainer go with the BSN option. If the program will take you longer to complete and you want to become a nurse sooner than later than stay in your current program. I would personally stay to complete the semester even if I decided to go to the BSN in the fall just to get a feel of nursing school. Who knows, you may end up wanting to stay. Since you've already paid for the semester what do you have to lose? Lately, a BSN is more marketable since some hospitals are requiring this. Congrats on starting nursing school and being accepted to the BSN program! It's a hard decision but my personal opinion would be to go with the BSN. I have a BS in a different discipline but decided to go for a ASN because I don't have the money to do a BSN and didn't want to take out more loans. Long term I'm hoping to go as far as DNP. So it depends on your personal circumstances and what you really want to do. One semester may not make a huge difference but getting an ASN vs. a BSN will. You have more options available to you in the use of your RN license if you get your BSN first. Goodluck on your decision. Have a great semester!
  4. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    Do some homework, look at options... ask questions including, but not limited to, if you stay the course for the associate, would you be guaranteed acceptance to the BSN program down the road?

    Thank you.
  5. by   molls4
    I would advise speaking to some of the nurses while in your clinical setting to get a poll of opinions. I am in a BSN program and was talking to a fellow student yesterday that was once in your shoes. She was in an ADN program and was planning on doing a bridge program. While in clinical the first semester, she met other nurses where the hospital was requiring them to go back and complete their BSN. They explained the financial burden of going back and only being able to take a few classes at a time because they still had to work. They were saying they were paying more per credit hour doing this. After comparing her total costs of finishing the ADN program with a later BSN bridge, and the costs of doing the BSN program, she made the switch and is more prepared than the average BSN student after a full semester of nursing school experience. Just a note, she had all of her prerequisites done (the science ones are no good after 10 years!) and she was immediately accepted into the nursing program. Given you are in the same situation and hospitals in your region are moving towards requiring BSNs, then, even with spending money on one semester of an ADN program, you still may come out spending less money in the long run with switching to the BSN in the fall. Stay in for the semester, poll your fellow nurses, and if you make the switch, you'll blow your fellow BSN students away!!!
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Go to the BSN program. No question. You may never get another chance! Do it! You'll be at an advantage anyway, and in years to come you'll kick yourself if you didn't.
  7. by   Kandy83
    Thank you everyone for your replies. I decided to stay in the ADN program, since I will be done with the adn program first, and I will be able to get a job to pay for nursing school. I financially can't afford the bsn program right now anyway. I am happy with my decision.
  8. by   NightNerd
    Glad for your decision, OP. You have to do what you can afford, and it will not make you less of a nurse to get your ADN first. I wish you luck in the program and your career