I Didn't Get Into The Nursing Program...now what?? I Didn't Get Into The Nursing Program...now what?? - pg.2 | allnurses

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I Didn't Get Into The Nursing Program...now what?? - page 2

I applied to 4 programs, all state schools, and I've received rejection letters from 2, one of which was my top choice. I did, however, get accepted into the universities as a undergraduate transfer... Read More

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    The university I attend gives preference to its own students. You may have a better chance after taking some classes there.
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    Hard to believe that OP didn't get in - those programs must have stellar applicants.

    OP, is relocation an option? I happen to know that University of New Mexico is currently SEEKING BSN students due to low number of qualified applicants - yep, hard to believe. There may be other state universities out there in the same situation.
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    I dont just think, I know. It was some advice that one of the faculty on the admissions team gave me,they also suggested a non-science degree. At the traditional BSN level in my cohort most people either already have a bachelors in something other than nursing or are in the process of attaining one. But that may be specific to the school Im attending.