How to impress your teacher...

  1. 4 Every positive thing you do in class will have an impact on your grades. Do whatever you can to impress your teachers. Get on their good side. Do not waste their time. Do not make them look bad. Smile. Say hello. Study and come prepared ... help make the class exciting. What have you done (past or present) to impress your teachers? Please share your tips...

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    Our grades (other than clinical courses) are comprised solely on our 5 exam grades each semester- average <75% FAIL. It doesn't matter if you're nice to your teachers, you still fail.
    I agree though, being on your teacher's "good side" is beneficial. I smile and greet them in passing, and interact with them in lecture but that's about it...
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    It's not elementary school, there's no need to bring an apple to the teacher. They're fair and getting on a "good side" won't help you pass the class because passing by being the teacher's pet won't get you to pass the NCLEX! Always, always be respectful and courteous, whether it's to a teacher or charge nurse or doctor or patient. Never be late for class, clinicals, or work.

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