How to do well in Pathophysiology

  1. Hey guys!

    I'm taking Pathophysiology this upcoming spring semester and I was hoping that someone has some good tips on how to do well. I did "decent" in A&P I & II, so I'm pretty nervous about doing well in Patho.

    Thanks for the help
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  3. by   thawk28
    Its good that you did well in A&P because it will benefit you in Patho. Patho is just a more in depth look into A&P, it will take you a bit more of study time than A&P did. If this is your only science class this semester then give it a lot of attention. Use the study guide or disk in the book that you are assigned, hopefully it comes with both. Thats what I used to make sure that I was on track with my studies. Good Luck
  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    I just finished the class with an A. I found actively reading using different colored highlighters worked well for me. I'd put general info in yellow, patho reasons in pink, clinical manifestations in orange and treatments in green. If there was a complication leading to death it would get fushia. I also circled in pen any 'unknown''d be surprise how many of those there actually are.

    I also found doing mind maps helped me a lot, but the time they took was too much (5 hours per chapter w/ 47 chapters) so I stopped doing that. 'Luckily' my class had research papers due for each unit which were weighted the same as exams, so my high marks with my papers would lift up my not so good exams marks.

    Good luck with the class. There is TONS of information, but it was a very interesting course.