How soon after graduation can I take the NCLEX?

  1. I want to take the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation...anyone know how long it takes to get the authorization?

    Thanks a million,

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  3. by   suzanne4
    It usually takes several weeks after graduation before you will be able to sit for the exam. Each state is different and this should be discussed in your school, such as the process that needs to be followed and what has to be submitted.
  4. by   MayisontheWay
    Thanks for the reply, Suzanne.

    I really would like to hear from others who have recently graduated and sat for the exam.

    From the day you graduated, how many days/weeks/months did it take to hear back. I'm in Texas, so if you have experience with their process, that would be most helpful. I've been to the website, so I know what they say...but they also say it takes three weeks to get results, so I'd like real-life examples.

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  5. by   LeashRN
    As I stated in my post, I just took the NCLEX today (1-11-06) and I graduated on 12-9-05. There was a problem with my application to the state board of nursing (ohio) - and it is their policy not to contact the applicant regarding the status of the application! I guess we graduates are supposed to read minds or something.
    Any how, I figured out that there was a problem with my application when other of my fellow grads had their ATT (authorization to test) in mid Dec.
    So in other words, after graduating on Dec 9th and if I had not experienced any application problems I could have taken the test before Christmas - or at the very latest the 1st week in Jan.
    I also know that students that graduated last May took their NCLEX before June 1st. So at least in Ohio the process is pretty quick.
  6. by   DaFreak71
    My husband graduated last May and it took about two weeks after graduation for him to get his authorization to test. I've heard it takes longer for May graduates than for December graduates because more people start in the Fall semester than in the spring.

    One thing I'd keep in mind is that if you are wanting to take your NCLEX as soon as you can after getting authorization, don't rule out the option of testing in an adjacent state. We live in Mississippi and hubby would have had to wait several weeks to take his NCLEX because they were all booked up, but we took an overnight trip to New Orleans and he took it within a few days.

    Best of luck to you!

  7. by   MayisontheWay
    Going to a different state...

    Didn't think of that! Great idea!


  8. by   TheCommuter
    I completed a California nursing program in mid-October '05 and received my ATT letter 5 weeks later, toward the end of November. I took the NCLEX examination on December 28 in Texas.
  9. by   mom2michael
    The class that just graduated finished on Dec 9th. Most had their ATT w/in 2 weeks from that day. A handful did not get their ATT because of some miscommunication from the school to the state - but I would say 90% were able to test w/in 2 weeks.