How many CNA's to a hoyer lift?

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    I'm just wondering if OSHA requires the same standards for homecare agencies as they do facilities. Out of curiosity. As far as I knew it is always always always 2 people to a hoyer lift..has to

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    It was always 2 minimum for us as well--no excuses or exceptions.
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    You know that is what I thought. I have been in healthcare as a c.n.a for not quite 2 years and to be honest I'm horrified at some homecare agencies..I'm trying to find my fit but...some things..leave me wondering and honestly if the same rules that apply to facilities apply to homecare or do they get like a "special pass"..than everyone else..
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    2 minimum.
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    At least 2 the larger the patient the more people required.
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    No, they do not have the same standards, homecare has to be different, just by definition. You can't have 2 home health aides in a home everytime someone needs to transfer. i used to manage HHAs and they were required to use a hoyer (and other lifting devices) alone. I've used a hoyer alone in the home with patients.

    If you have specific concerns regarding OSHA and HHA, I can guarantee your agency can provide you a copy
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    i'm sure the department of health could. Simple question but thank you for your opinion
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    What is the reason for two people to a hoyer? lol..yea enough said. Doesn't matter where they are being lifted.
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    You need to find your company's policy on Hoyer lifts as well as OSHA recommendations/guidelines. That's your responsibility as a caregiver to ensure both the patient's safety and your own.
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    This has been they first hoyer lift I have had in homecare. it seems as though homecare in some area's due to the situation is not takes two seconds to have a 2 people on a lift. Then one can leave. Easy..

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