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I'm trying to figure out how much debt I'll accumulate after completing my BSN. If my calculations are right it will be somewhere round $51 000 ! :/ How in debt were you?... Read More

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    I graduated in 2005 ADN with 0 debt, used the GI bill from the Army, and got through. Now I'm in RN-BSN, around $3000 a semester which ain't bad, and working on scholarships for that so I'm hoping to not have to pay to much out of pocket when its all said and done.

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    Nursing is a second career for me. I only took out $4,500 in loans for my ADN, but I had $12,000 in loans for my BSA. If I had gone the nursing route in the first place, I'd only be $12,000 in debt for a BSN. I had a lot of grants and scholarships that paid for my first degree. I also went to a public university for my bachelors degree, and a CC for my ADN.
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    After an AA, an AAS, an ADN, BSN, and MSN-ACNP, I owe 30K. I never took a non-nursing course at a four year university and I've never not worked while in school. My strongest advice is to go to a state school and stick to federal loans only, leave the private loans as an absolute last resort, after begging family members.
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    I'll owe about 4,000 for my ADN (state school). After I graduate and bridge to my BSN it'll cost me about 10,000.
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    My ASN (when I graduate next summer) will be completely paid for through grants. When I do my RN to BSN, I have my husband's GI bill to use. So, my degree will cost me only cost of textbooks and supplies
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    Debt? My school costs are paid plus I get over $1100 a month just to attend. Thank you GI Bill.
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    @MangoMonkey -- your post intrigued me about deferring loans to the gov until you make $55,000.... Can you tell me how you did that? I will be graduating in May.
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    (thread jack) Obviously, nursing students are a brainy, hard working and creative bunch of people!!! Kudos to all who have managed to achieve their educational goals with minimal or no debt. Huge accomplishment!!! (end thread jack)
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