help with finals review

  1. I am looking for advice for my finals. I am making flash cards for each disease we studied. What should I include? I don't think I will need to put down the definition. So far, all I can think of is meds for treatment, s/s and labs/tests.
    If you know of a different or better way to study, PLEASE reply.

    My brain is so stuffed full of if I could just find it when I need it!!!!
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  3. by   SnarfGirl
    When I make cards I follow this format (it doesn't always apply) and I've always done very well:
    Diagnostic tests:
    Nursing Implications:
    works for me!
  4. by   natrgrrl
    Thanks! That is exactly what I'm looking for. I hope you don't mind but I will probably copy yours exactly.

    And thanks for the hug you sent in my other post!
  5. by   SnarfGirl
    No prob! and you're welcome
  6. by   truern
    too late for this, but when i was in ns i'd highlight what i thought was important in my notes in [color="yellow"]yellow and after a test i'd go back and highlight what i could remember from the test in pink.

    that usually helped me concentrate on the material that made it to tests...then i'd review the other material because it was still fair game :d