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Help: Interviewer wants me to wear scrubs!

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    I have 2 an interviews coming up and they both rquest that I wear scrubs. One is in the NICU the other in the PICU. Do you suggest solid colors or plain. Should I wear a lab coat? Should I wear white shoes? I really want to make a good impression and be professional while wearing "scrubs". Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.
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    Go there before the interview and scope out what the current employees are wearing. White shoes would probably be best for the interview, but the scrubs could be anything that is okay to wear to a spy!
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    White or ceil blue scrubs, white shoes.
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    I like Suesquatch's white/blue theme, or any solid colors...I'd definitely stay away from patterned scrubs. To me (and keep in mind I'm still a NS), patterns seem too casual for an interview.
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    Just make sure they don't look slept in! It's hard to keep scrubs looking "crisp".
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    That's so funny! I never would've guessed an employer would request scrubs for an interview! But I vote for solid colors. I prefer them anyway. I think most patterned scrubs are U-G-L-Y! White shoes.

    Good luck!

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    I agree. Solid colors, and Sue's suggestion of blue or white is a good one. A white lab coat over solid scrubs would look good, and yes white shoes. Everything clean and neat, of course, and hair, makeup, and jewelry should be as you'd wear them to work. Oh, no perfume and clean, short nails!
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    I would dress like I was going to clinicals. Solid colored scrubs either ironed or dry cleaned to make them look nice with white shoes, hair back in a bun or pony tail if it's past your shoulders, light make up, short clean nails either plain or clear coat, and no perfume or scented lotion.
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    oh man we get to interview in scrubs. best thing ive heard in awhile.
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    Quote from supafly
    oh man we get to interview in scrubs. best thing ive heard in awhile.
    It's not like that everywhere but I would rather where a pair of nice scrubs than have to stress about what business casual means to someone that I've never met before.