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Funny-ish toddler nursing diagnosis?

  1. 0 I'm doing a project and want to add in some funny nursing diagnoses pertaining to toddlers. Nothing too serious, just general toddler development related.

    I have Risk for falls r/t heavy head, wobbly gait, and undeveloped sense of danger.

    I need a couple more and any ideas would be awesome
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    Hmmm funny ones...well risk for impaired communication AEB incomprehensible BABBLE

    Risk for self-care deficit AEB not being able to do anything themselves

    Risk for interrupted breastfeeding AEB short attention span and distractibility to anything with bright colors or sounds

    I am just being silly, but I think that was the point. Definitely need to be worked out more appropriately
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    risk for infection r/t eating off the floor!
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    Hmmm. How about:

    Decisional conflict r/t too many toys to play with

    Alterered Nutrition, less than body requirements r/t refusing to eat anything green, anything yellow, anything orange, or anything that isn't chicken nuggets and french fries

    Altered thought process r/t thinking the world revolves around them

    Impaired home maintenance management r/t making a mess and not cleaning it up
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    Risk for injury d/t the need to jump off every piece of furniture in sight