Frustrated with Clinicals Feel like Giving Up - page 2

I have been in my clinical class for 8 weeks so far and all I have been doing is vital signs and finger stick blood sugar. This is exacty what I did last semester. Some of my classmates have had the... Read More

  1. by   al7139
    Hi there!
    Don't be frustrated by not getting the opportunity to do clinical skills while in school. I NEVER inserted a foley in school, and my 2 pathetic attempts at an IV, the veins blew. In spite of preferential treatment, a previous poster was right on in that your assessment skills are whats goingto count in the long run.
    I am an RN, and in school, I was so excited to do a dressing change. Now, If I have to do an IV rotation or a foley, it is just another thing I have to do, and lots of times, a pain in the you know what!
    Trust me, the novelty wears off after a while!
    What I pride myself on is that I do a thorough assessment of my patients, and if I see anything abnormal, I make sure to follow up by getting the right orders from the doc, or nursing interventions I can do myself.
    Hope this helps!
  2. by   mume2mykidz
    I was in PN school and graduated in September and never did a foley,I thought what the heck will I do when I get out working,but I have been told I will learn when I get out there. I feel like I paid enough I should have been taught hands on but it seems like this happens in every school..
  3. by   Reese17
    Dont give up! As a nurse you will have plenty of opportunities to do procedures. In our clinical, there are 10 of us and only 3 or 4 get to pass meds every week. We been in clinical for 12 weeks and I have not done any procedures..IV hangs, catheters, wound care. Our instructor is not very good at her job. She doesnt teach us, she just expects us to know. When we ask her a question, she rolls her eyes, sighs, shakes her head...its been a very difficult clinical. We have 3 weeks to go and I just want to get through it. I know we are anxious to do procedures. I wish clinicals were better organized and allowed all the students to experience every part of nursing but its not so we just have to ride it out until we graduate and thats when the real fun begins! Good Luck.
  4. by   senecagirl
    i'm in clinical this semester and it has not been a clinical where i've learned any new skills. i've been disappointed because i've done this all before (worked in the field) so I feel like its wasted time.
    however, a patient said to me "thank you for spend so much time making me feel good, I wish you were here all the time".
    so, although i'm not learning/practicing new skills, just being there is helping the patients I work with. My nurse-client therapeutic skills are improving along with my critical thinking.

    as someone else said, opportunities for skills will come up...