For Fun: Nursing School Soundtrack

  1. 0 Ok my fellow nursing school students:

    Pick ONE song that summarizes your current nursing school experience, or that inspires/motivates/energizes you for nursing school at the moment.

    Mine is currently "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen - not that I'm hoping any of my lovely classmates bite the dust or anything, but playing that song on my drive to school in the morning gets me revved up for another 6-8 hours of class.

    I'm just waiting for my song to change to "Under Pressure." Soon enough!
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    Funny I just posted a question similiar to this on Facebook

    Id say If your going through hell fits us right now
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    I like the song Remember the Name by Fort Minor. I'm not a huge fan of rap/R&B but for some reason, I LOVE this song right before classes.
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    "Help" The Beatles

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