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FL investigating private for-profit schools

  1. 2 State opens civil investigations of recruiting, financial aid at for-profit colleges

    The Florida Attorney General's Office has opened civil investigations into allegations of deceptive practices at five for-profit colleges, three with branches in the Tampa Bay area.


    University of Phoenix, Everest University and Argosy University
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    Good. I wish the Feds and all the states would clamp down on these "schools."
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    'Bout time! I have has suspicions about each one of these schools (except Phoenix) for a long time. I'm not upset that they are for profit schools, it's how they take advantage of people that is upsetting.
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    I wonder which one told Ma students they could make 65,000 being a MA?
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    Quote from classykaren
    I wonder which one told Ma students they could make 65,000 being a MA?
    The neighbor kid came down to my house the other day, asking me questions about college since he's getting to that age. Seems one of the for profits schools paid a visit to his school (and i forget who it was now). Anyway, he's interested in forensic science and the school rep told him that forensic scientists make $500,000 per year fresh out of college......he was really upset when I showed him what they really make, what really goes on and stuff. I can't believe the amount of lies they handed these kids.
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