First clinicals this friday.

  1. So yeah, my first clinicals starts this Friday and were going to a nursing home. And just today I got an email from my clinical instructor that I am missing some student health information which shouldn't be happening cause I turned in all my info to the school and got flu shot and whatnot right after I got accepted . I was even told that I'm all set. But now just 1 day before the clinicals my clinical instructor tells me about missing info, and I should go get boosters and whatever. Not to mention I have classes during the week too. I feel like There's no reasoning with the intructor since she ignored questions I emailed her. And even sent a message "I won't remind again" This is too stupid cause they had to wait 1 day before class like this to hassle me and a. Few of my classmates to do something that would have been manageable. Now its just impossible.
    Should I just sit it out this Friday or still go to clinicals?
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  3. by   Esme12
    I think you need to make an effort to talk to your CI, it that fails call the program director. Here is your first lesson of nursing school.....the responsibility is yours. No one is going to do anything for you...... you are the one responsible. If the other students have figured it out the expectation would be that you should be able to as well. Call your PCP and ask for an emergency visit. Go to one of those minute clinics and see if they can help you. Find an Urgent care.

    You need to show the program that you are will to move heaven and earth to accommodate their requirements regardless of how difficult.......for there are many people waiting for your spot.

    It sounds harsh but that is what the expectation is......I wish you the best on your nursing journey.
  4. by   coco.nut
    Have you gone into the nursing office at school to see if they have copies? They should. Also, talk to your director, don't just decide to stay home from a clinical. She/he will be able to tell you the appropriate steps and if this instructor is being unreasonable, it's important for the director to know.

    Always go through the proper channels, don't take decisions such as this upon yourself. Remember that CYA (cover your a@@) is an important part of nursing
  5. by   jetro
    Should I go to places like hospitals tomorrow? And look for boosters or whatever? I still have to go to school to figure out what the heck I'm missing and then find the place to get them and turn them in by the end of the day. I mean it's too much in just 1 day.
  6. by   Miiki
    Go to the health office and see what you are missing first.

    Then call you doctor and see if they will give you the shot that day. My office will as long as my yearly physical is up to date.

    You could also stop by the student health center and the local public health unit.