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So I have had a very rollercoaster day today. I am a Nursing I student, 21 years old and today was our first day of doing clinical at the hospital. I got my patient assignment and she had some major diagnoses of Pneumonia, COPD... Read More

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    Quote from bvouge
    That was very interesting. I just put myself in your shoes, I visualized it. Although I'm only in LPN school and I have no clue what CHF is a d some other words. I was walking in your shoes. I wish we could rotate in the hospital more then nursing home but. You took it quite well.
    CHF = congestive heart failure
    COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder

    OP, I can't believe this happened to you but your reaction is normal. Especially with it being the first clinical day, I would react in the exact same fashion. With that being said, you obviously will never forget this patient and you will become an expert nurse on CHF and COPD. I hope the rest of your clinicals are not as crazy as this one!

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