Finding the right 'borrowed' scrubs

  1. As a nursing student, you have to pay close attention to your budget. Things can add up really fast.

    I've heard of some students borrowing scrubs and stethoscopes just to get by. There's nothing wrong with that - you must do what you have to do.

    Was there ever a time when you just said 'no way - not that'?

    Do you have any tips on how to save money?

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  3. by   Shelbster
    I have bought a lot of my scrubs from thrift stores. They are usually quite inexpensive, and I just look them over first to make sure they are in good shape and that there are no stains on them.
  4. by   stratus93
    Walmart is not to bad. Bought 2 sets for 20 gave one away though.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    At my school, there were always senior students who were selling their uniforms at the end of the year. If new nursing students didn't mind used scrubs, they could get a really good deal with the school patches already sewn on.

    But I think, for a lot of students, buying the first nursing school uniform is a big deal, so they want to buy their own, new uniform and have the full experience.
  6. by   sapphire18
    I transferred into the program midway through college and got some used uniforms from our student advisor, who kept a bunch in her office. Not sure if the original students had had to buy theirs used, though.