Financial Help with Nursing School

  1. Hello anyone out there who can help me or tell me, where can I get assistance with schooling. I have exhausted all of my federal funding such as student loans and pell grants. Most of the scholarships I have to jump through hoops to apply such as, if I'm not a graduating high school senior, or a GPA of 1000 (just kidding gpa of 4.0), write a letter to the governor, do community service etc!! All of this rigamaroe! I am a single woman who works a full time job just to pay for college, and I am getting way in over my head with my bills because I attend Chamberlain College of Nursing, Atlanta, GA campus and it is very expensive to pay out of pocket! If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know! Oh yeah I can't apply for the Chamberlain loan because my tuition is over $20, 000 and I have tried emailing the supervisor of financial aid and it has been no help, nor do they have any scholarships available.
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  3. by   roser13
    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that there are many resources beyond those that you have already covered. Many people are in your same shoes and scholarships are hard to come by.

    Perhaps your goal should turn to alternative ways of obtaining your education? I have heard that Chamberlain is a very expensive private program. Any chance of transferring to a less expensive community college?
  4. by   SoontobeaRN
    Thank you, for your response most of the schools in my local area I would need to take additional classes in order to even be accepted into their school or I would need a higher GPA, because they are very competitive. I was denied at the local colleges here, but I am going to try again. Unfortunately, I can't apply until May and I will not find out until Oct or December, even if I was in. So I would need to keep going to Chamberlain so that I could possibly transfer what I have already taken so that maybe if I am accepted that I could start off where I left.
  5. by   roser13
    Please look at your circumstances realistically. Read threads here on about new grads in deep debt but without jobs.

    Make sure that Chamberlain will really be worth it.
  6. by   EmilyEmily
    Sallie Mae? or Federal Perkins loans? have you tried that route?
  7. by   RunBabyRN
    Quote from roser13
    Please look at your circumstances realistically. Read threads here on about new grads in deep debt but without jobs.

    Make sure that Chamberlain will really be worth it.

    It might be worth it to save money and spend a bit more time knocking out a few more classes to get into another, less expensive program. It's not work using 50% or more of your paychecks to pay student loans for years. The rule of thumb is to not take out more in student loans than you can realistically expect to make in your first year. Don't bury yourself in (more) debt if you can avoid it.
  8. by   NurseGirl525
    What about private loans? That's what I took out when I started school years ago and then paid them back. I think Sallie Mae is one. Also, I would look at a community college. Chamberlain is a very expensive for profit school. A nonprofit community college is probably the best way to go if money is an issue.
  9. by   SoontobeaRN
    Thank you all for your comments, I do appreciate the responses. I currently work as a Certified Surgical Technologist at a local hospital, in which I have been there for over 10 years. The job part I pretty much have in my back pocket for when I do get out of nursing school. I am aware that I will have student loan debt, and I have tried at private loans but no help there. Any school that I attend I will have to pay out of pocket due to me not having any federal funding, but yes it would be cheaper at the local college here. I plan on applying at the one local college here, because my hospital is pretty much not hiring any more ADN nurses so I would definitely need to obtain my BSN. I just was wondering if anyone knew of any known grants or scholarship websites that someone may have personally knew that someone has received? Or if there are any websites that anyone can recommend. Thanks
  10. by   EmilyEmily
    Federal Perkins loans are for students who have exhausted all of their pell grant, etc. Some schools participate in this. I would contact the financial aid department to see if they do
  11. by   SoontobeaRN
    Thank you, I will check into that.
  12. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Perkins loans are for those with exceptional financial need not just those who exhaust other loans and/or Pell Grants. Not all schools participate and there isn't always sufficient funds for all eligible students. Max for undergrad is $5500