Favorites in Clinical...making a tough day tougher

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    I'm a 1st year nursing student and I'm one of those people who looks at the "good" side of things and
    who believes we should all give someone the benefit of the doubt.

    With that said, I have always wanted to be a nurse, because I have thought of the nursing career as
    the angels of the hospital. They are the caregivers, the ones who listen by lending an ear and a shoulder to cry on, and
    who do, what I think, are the most difficult items in regards to patient care. A patient may not have a doctor at their side as they are passing on and leaving the Earth, but, they will always have their nurse.

    I am in my Med-Surg rotation and honestly, I hate my life right now. I have done fabulous with classes & clinicals thus far. However, this particular nursing clinical instructor favors students who are CNA or PCT. If you have not worked or do work as a Patient Care Tech or Certified Nursing Assistant, then you shouldnt be in school right now. Her philosophy is 'you have to pay your dues,' and you are doing a disservice to everyone by not knowing what you're doing. She was a CNA and that's how it should be for anyone who wants to attend nursing school and to be a legitimate nurse. I used to think my instructor was just in a bad mood or having a bad day as she snapped at me, because I try to stay positive. However, she dislikes me intensely. Since I am one of the younger ones in our group, I am like a small animal and she is the lion in pursuit of her prey.

    Thats how I feel. We have a clinical group of 6. half of us happen to be fresh to the hospital, no true hospital experience. The other 3 work in hospitals as CNA's. They get treated much better by this instructor, while our group of 3 are just humiliated, put down, and just ignored. It is gut wrenching. I dont know what to do. Drop out, go to another school, talk to my instructor (which i dont want to do). I'm at a crossroads. I go home and cry in the car. My husband tells me to go to our clinical manager at the school. I don't want to. I don't want a confrontation with this instructor. I do what I'm supposed to be doing and I feel I am doing it well. I interact well with all of the other students and the hospital's own RN's but myself and the other 2 students without any hospital experience are getting knocked around like bowling pins. The other 2 students seem to be taking it well. They are older and seem to deal with things alright. I am just a mess. Please advise. Thank you. I posted in Student Forums, but posts from Nurses would be appreciated as well. thx
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You say the other two are older and seem to be taking it well. I would suggest you talk to them for some pointers and a pep talk now and then. If they can survive this, so can you. Best wishes.
  4. by   cornhusker2step
    Thank you for your reply caliotter3. The 3 of us
    have become good friends and helps alot to talk
    things out with them.
  5. by   chevyv
    If you have to go home and cry, do it! I had a couple of instructors that were very hard on me. I can tell you that CNA's and PCA's probably have a bit more confindence and have seen a bit more than you at this point. It's probably easier on your instructor than you having little experience.

    Give the instructor what she wants, grit your teeth, and learn as much as possible. Ask questions and if your instructor wants an answer and you have no idea what it is, let her know you'll find out and get right back to her. When I was a student, the instructor had 8 of us to try to keep track of. We were down different halls and it was stressful for her. I understand that now. Not that she isn't a beast for you but it's hard on them as well.

    My hardest instructor was something else. She sent home students, was mean and relentless about certain things and could give a hoot about other things. I was so happy to make it out of her class only to find out I landed her for my very last semester! Funny thing was that she let me fly the last clinical because I had already proven myself. As mean as she was, I asked questions and told her the procedures I had never done before. I always had my procedure book with me and would look up everything just to make sure I was ready when she came. The last semester was great for me, but my classmates really struggled! Good luck and hang in there!!
  6. by   chevyv
    Oh, I would not talk with the instructor about this. If you have to 'pay your dues' then she may really ride you. Just deal with it the very best you can. She is a stepping stone. Try to be a sponge and learn everything you can. Soon, you won't have to deal with her.
  7. by   cornhusker2step

    Thank you so much for your reply. You put things into a good light for me...my instructor is a stepping stone. You are so right. I will think about this in clinical from now on. I have her for 9 weeks and then I'm free. So, it's not forever. I'm not sure if she teaches other clinicals or not, but probably since she is a full timer at the school.

    The other students in the nursing program who are part of my class (but not in my clinical) tell such nice stories about how helpful and personable their instructors are. I guess I'm jealous, but I figure, if I survive in this rotation, I could do anything.

    I guess it is just the attitude my instructor carries. And, I guess it pertains to life in general. Throughout our rotations, we have met some nice nurses and some that are just miserable. But, in regards to my teacher, for someone who is an Advanced Practice Nurse, and has a ton of education under her belt from some of the best schools, nobody taught her how to smile.
  8. by   chevyv
    Good attitude! 9 weeks? You can do this!! It may seem like the longest 9 weeks of your life, but we'll be here for you
  9. by   CharcoalPepper
    keep that positive attitude. You can get through 9 weeks.