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i failed out of the nursing program... i'm working on my test taking strategies, relaxation techniques and time management. i know if i get back in it i can do it. i'm not the type of person to fail twice... especially if its... Read More

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    Had a classmate that was in our class because she failed her 2nd semester. You'd never know it by how well she did with our class. She was a top performer on every exam, even when she found out she was expecting! Getting that wake up call truly must have awakened something inside her because holding it all together in nursing school with your due date just after graduation can't possibly be easy, but she did it and she swears that it was the best thing that could have happened. I know that it may be bittersweet, but you have the option to absorb so much more that gets rushed through and discarded by the next exam. If you apply yourself and work on the issues that held you back, you have the potential of being truly great.


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