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HI all! I wanted to share my experience of how I finally became an RN after going through tough obstacles. It all started back in 2002. I did my CNA but never practiced as I wanted to go back to... Read More

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    What a great story! Kudos to you for doing whatever it took to make your dream come true. Bask in your accomplishment; you've earned it!

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    I love your story! And I really admire your strong will and dedication! Never say die! That is the spirit! That is just what people need to read on this website because too much on this board you will encounter people who toot their own horns too much and act as if they were never struggling nursing students! So it is refreshing to read an inspiring thread that is coming from the heart and bears the burden of truth! I don't know you and I am proud of you! I am starting nursing school in two weeks and I have been preparing myself for the atmosphere by studying and doing the study guides and test questions. I know the program will be rigorous and I want to get the best of it! Thank you for sharing your story OP! You rock!
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    Wonderful, encouraging story.. It just goes to show, there is more than one way to do things. And never give up!!
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    NursingLove4all Thank you so much for telling that inspirational story!! I have been putting off nursing school for sometime because circumstances was not right at the time. I figured that it will probably never be right so I need to get in and do what I have dreamed of doing :-) Congrats on your New Nursing Career and wish you nothing but the best :-) You have motivated me to keep pressing forward...
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    im so happy I was able to motivate people with my story. i just want people to realize that nursing school is not easy and it takes so much effort and drains you out! But that's ok because once you start actually working, it's just as tough or even worse with the patient load and the amount of work that's required. That's why it's very important for you to love what you that you can tolerate lots of the mess that comes with this awesome profession. This is about helping people get better and giving back to society...if your a positive person and you care, don't give up this's all worth it in the end!
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    Congrats to your accomplishments, its truely inspirational and if I weree you I would bring documentation to that nurse or instructor that told you that you should change careers proving to them that your a RN...jk but you should be very proud of yourself!
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was starting to wonder how the heck I was gonna read 8 chapters in a week!
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    hey im in a similar situation as you are, i just wanted to know how did you go about applying to take your nclex pn?
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    Quote from Tara,LPN
    You are truly an inspiration! I started a bridge program in January but failed one class so I couldn't continue. Im praying I get back in for this January. I'm not giving up. I can't blame anyone but myself for this failure. But I know for a fact that next time I will be 100% focused on school. Good luck to everyone that is or has gone through this. I know how you feel. Keep going and don't give up. We can do it!!!!
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    Thanks for your story! I'm a 1st semester nursing student and your drive is very motivating!

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