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I started my externship at the local hospital about 3 weeks ago, and I can't believe how much I've learned already, after just 4 shifts on the floor. After another 2 weeks, I will have more floor... Read More

  1. by   Purdue_Nurse
    I definitely agree! I am doing an externship this summer and it has been wonderful. I learn new things every day and feel so much more confident with my nursing skills. In the program I'm in we get to do most of the things an RN does but with supervision. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting more experience before graduating!
  2. by   Curious1alwys
    Good for you on holding out and getting what you want, Klone! I am so happy for you! This thread has been of interest to me, makes me really want to get out there in the clinical arena. School starts for me Friday! Yikes!

    Quote from klone
    Yep, I interviewed for a position at another hospital last fall (they took on externs after only one semester). You do get a competitive hourly wage, but they consider the externship as training/education, and as such, have put a price tag on it. For every month you work as an extern, you owe them one month as a new grad RN after graduation. If you choose not to work for them after graduation, you have to pay them $100 for every month you owe them. If I had taken the position and then decided not to work for them as a new grad, I would have had to pay $1800 to buy out my contract with them. Between that and the 90-minute drive (one way), I opted to hold out for an externship at the local hospital. The gamble paid off and I couldn't be happier!