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  1. I got accepted into a community college for ADN program for this fall. Someone after the fact told me it isn't a good school because pass rates for NCLEX are low (88% which I don't think is THAT bad because I don't have issues learning so I *believe* I will do fine) Then as I am looking into it I find out that while the college itself is accredidated with the Higher Learning Commission, the nursing program is not accredidated with the NLNAC. Is this a big deal? What does it mean? What would the benefits be to waiting another 2+ years to get into the schools in my area that are accredidated by the NLNAC? This school does offer a bridge to BSN program on campus through another college in Rockford, IL... so I shouldn't have a problem getting accepted into that if I do good in the ADN program. Will I be hireable if I go to a non accredidated school? Any help appreciated. I tried to call the school today but everyone in the nursing department is off until Monday.
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  3. by   Moogie
    It is important for a school to be accredited by either the NLNAC (which accredits LPN through DNP programs) or the CCNE (which accredits only BSN or higher). Especially in a competitive job market, graduating from an unaccredited school may cost you job opportunities. It also could prevent you from attending the BSN program of your choice. (Is the BSN program offered at Rockford accredited?)

    Unless this school is a candidate for accreditation (and I didn't see it listed at all on the NLNAC website) you would be wise to avoid going there.

    I'm sorry you are going through this and it's the pits that you may have to wait 2 years to get into a different school. However, I would strongly recommend that you don't attend this particular program. It could be a very costly mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your career.
  4. by   Lanesmama
    Thanks. i am not sure about the status of the BSN school. If it were accredidated though, it would be ok to go to the non accredidated and finish out at the accredidated school? I am assuming (but you know what happens when we do that, lol, so I will check) that as long as I do well at the community college then I would be accepted into the BSN program because it is offered at the community college...
  5. by   leenak
    Accredited schools generally won't accept transfer students from non-accredited schools and won't accept any previous classes that were taken. So what ends up happening is non-accredited schools have transfer agreements with other non-accredited schools.

    Non-accredited schools though will accept classes from accredited schools though. So your best bet is to ensure that your school is accredited.
  6. by   dandk1997RN
    One of my instructors told me that it is harder to transfer your license state-to-state if the school is not accredited. Thankfully, my school *is* accredited, but the school that teacher works FT at is not....