Ebooks? Some, all or none?? - page 3

Hello, I debating on whether to buy ebooks. I do prefer a book that I can flip through but I'm thinking cost and having to carry them all. I was thinking maybe I can a few ebooks and wondering... Read More

  1. by   cnoto34
    Thanks so far for all your replies. Tough decision as I plan to buy an ipad.
  2. by   cnoto34
    Thanks for your replies. Tough decision as I want to it an ipad
  3. by   ambitiousBSN
    I have all of my books as hard copies. However, I have both my Fundamentals and diagnosis book on my iPad through Kno. Very convenient!
  4. by   Miiki
    I have all ebooks because it's required by my nursing program. I love them. My school uses evolve for all off their books. Once I got familiar with pageburst (the computer program we use to access our books), I really found them great.

    I have all of my books with me, all the time. I can search through the book for certain topics. It takes a few searches to learn what the search results mean and which ones to ignore. It's especially great for the med book and lab diagnostic book. Also, the page numbers are true to the book, unlike a few other ebook programs.

    Not everyone in my class likes using ebooks, but most of us either like it, or have gotten use to it.