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Hello, I debating on whether to buy ebooks. I do prefer a book that I can flip through but I'm thinking cost and having to carry them all. I was thinking maybe I can a few ebooks and wondering which ones you have used the least... Read More

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    Quote from wordsofmymouth
    I had to buy the school's package which included the "real" books and ebooks. I actually am really enjoying the ebooks. It's easy to highlight and take notes (my books are from Elsevier), and I love having all my books on my tablet. The cheapest option is probably to buy used online, but if you're wanting the convenience, I think ebooks are a good choice. ETA: Don't forget to check out if you can keep the ebook forever, as in, a permanent download, or if it is one of those 180 day access codes or whatever. Also, if you want your ebooks on more than just a laptop, make sure you check to see what devices the company is compatible with.
    thanks I wouldn't have thought about that

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    Quote from JNHERRIN
    I would really recommend the ebooks. I initially did not think I would like them, and opted for hard copies. They were a constant hassle for me, mostly because I am always running around to school work and staying at my boyfriends house. I was always trying to remember which books I might need while I was away from home and which ones I needed to bring to class. Thankfully one of my classmates shared his kno username with me, so I now have all the ebooks on my iPad. It is absolutely amazing, they are laid out just like the textbook, and I don't have to remember a million things, everything is right there on the iPad. If you don't really need to flip through the pages or physically write and hi-lite, they really are a life saver.
    i don't have any friends yet so we will see bout sharing
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    My school requires is to have all Ebooks and I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.
    I miss beautiful hard paper heavy text books sigh.
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    I purchased most of my nursing texts as hard copies and as e-books; my assessment book (Jarvis) and my psych and community health books were hard copy only; my maternal-child was e-book only.

    I have since thrown away every hard copy except the critical care book and I occasionally go back to my ebooks because they're so easy to search.

    Personally, I prefer real books (brand new, at that) but have found ebooks to be much more practical and useful over the long haul (that is, the years after nursing school). I have 10 book shelves in my house and have had to be brutal in choosing what should stay and what should go.

    Bytes are so much easier to store than books.
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    The textbooks are huge and heavy. Think you are gonna study everywhere? Nope. Try as I might, I can't seem to read my Fundamentals, Med-Surg, or OB books in bed. They are too big! Even "curling up" on the couch when I am tired of sitting at a desk is pretty difficult. As soon as I get comfortable, invariably I will need to get up for something and it's a pain. I really wish I had gotten eBooks.

    If you are looking at eBooks, the iPad mini is awesome. It's just the right size. I load all my powerpoints, course calendars, NANDA pdfs, and syllabi on it. It's one of the most useful gifts I have received for nursing school. Also, I have been shopping around for eBooks and have found that a few are cheaper on Amazon and a few are cheaper from the iBooks store (through the app).

    Good luck!
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    I made the mistake of buying my med surg book on my Kindle. When it came time to make a reference about the patho on my care plans, it was very difficult. I ended up using someone else's book to complete my annotation. That was the last time that I bought an e-book.
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    Thanks so far for all your replies. Tough decision as I plan to buy an ipad.
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    Thanks for your replies. Tough decision as I want to it an ipad
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    I have all of my books as hard copies. However, I have both my Fundamentals and diagnosis book on my iPad through Kno. Very convenient!
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    I have all ebooks because it's required by my nursing program. I love them. My school uses evolve for all off their books. Once I got familiar with pageburst (the computer program we use to access our books), I really found them great.

    I have all of my books with me, all the time. I can search through the book for certain topics. It takes a few searches to learn what the search results mean and which ones to ignore. It's especially great for the med book and lab diagnostic book. Also, the page numbers are true to the book, unlike a few other ebook programs.

    Not everyone in my class likes using ebooks, but most of us either like it, or have gotten use to it.

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