Dyeing Med Couture Scrubs?

  1. Next semester our uniforms are changing from solid white... to solid black (no more VPL, YAY!) We have to order the tops from a special company and I'll already have to get them tailored but, we can choose any black pants. The scrub pants I LOVE aren't solid black... they have a pink Med Couture logo and pink draw sting at the waist.

    Any ideas how dye-able the logo and draw string are? Would they be 55% cotton like the rest of the pants?

    Thank you for your ideas !
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  3. by   Moogie
    I think you'd be better off to just replace the drawstring (unless your school says the drawstring is okay). You could remove the logo with a seam ripper. You can get a doohickey to replace the drawstring at a fabric shop.

    Dyeing fabric sounds like a great idea but it can be a pain in the backside. It's a messy process and blends don't always take to dye as well as natural fabrics.
  4. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    Wouldn't that make the top and pants two different shades of black?
  5. by   sharpeimom
    you can also replace the drawstring by attaching the new drawstring to the end of a big heavy safety pin and
    threading it through the tunnel where the old one came out. if you can find an old diaper pin, the heavy plastic end makes it easy to shove through. once you get the drawstring through the tunnel, and have equal
    (roughly) ends sticking out, loosely tack them down inside. in the middle of the back of the waistband is good, or at the sides. this keeps it from escaping and/or tangling up. if you have cats, tacking is vital, as
    moogie can tell you!
  6. by   Moogie
    Kathy is right. I do have experience with drawstrings, thanks to my kittehs!

    BTW, Boog's RN is right, too. Some black clothes have a tinge of brown, some have a bit of grey, and it can be difficult to match them just right. I have a feeling that if your school is saying you can wear any black pants to go with the black scrub tops, you're going to have a few mismatched students in your clinical groups. Might not be obvious in some lights but in others, there will be a huge difference.
  7. by   SurroDoula
    Don't try to dye it, you won't be happy with the results. No way to say what the fiber content of the logo or drawstring are, but if there is any synthetic fibers in there, the dye will not pick up well.
  8. by   BiohazardBetty
    Y'all are all so wonderful! Thank you!!

    Saying the uniforms are solid black isn't exactly accurate... the tops that we are ordering are white with black trim. I know- HUGE difference- I should have said "our uniform PANTS are changing from white to black."

    Either way, y'all had some excellent advice to share... as always!! I replaced the drawstring and used a seam ripper for the logo... voil... solid black pants!

    Thank you again