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Hi everyone! I am a semester 2 nursing student at a 4 yr university. For the rest of this sem,Im assigned to a med surg ,telemetry floor.For the past 2 weeks,i felt like I haven't been productive... Read More

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    we pretty much do the RN & Tech work while we are there which then equals a very worn out and tired nursing student. but you learn a lot
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    you should never be bored as a student nurse on a floor - you should never have downtime. You should always have something to do - what about "Med, Fed, Bath & Bed"? Med admin, breakfast/lunch feeding support for pts that need assistance, giving a bath to a patient who hasnt had one for a few days because the nursing staff has been too busy (or taking 3 minutes to help them brush their teeth and rinse with mouthwash, make em feel human again), and changing sheets after the bath or at least re-positioning the pt in the bed to smooth out the sheets underneath them to help prevent pressure ulcers?

    If your 2 patients dont need ANY of these things (which, admittedly, is highly unlikely as pts will rarely turn down a bath, and changing linens and performing pericare helps the RNs more than almost anything you can do), then ask if you can be assigned to a patient who needs more assistance, or help another student with their MFB&B.

    Making yourself available to the nurses to help with other pts is a great thing, but your patients' needs come first. Only after all these needs are met should you be moving on to other tasks.
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