Does Azusa Pacific University accept University of Phoenix BSN degrees/credits?

  1. 0 Hi everyone. It's the weekend and although I've emailed a counselor from azusa pacific university I figured I would put my question out there for feedback!

    So I am finishing my BSN at University of Phoenix this month and I am going to apply to the Pediatric NP MSN at Azusa Pacific University. There are a specific undergrad prerequisites ( pathophysiology, health assessment, statistiscs, etc) they require which technically should have been completed with the BSN degree. I heard from a coworker that there may be difficulty getting those prerequisites Fullfilled with UOP courses. I'm freaking out! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Curious to know whatever happened with that? How was your overall experience with UOP? I am considering starting there but am afraid of other colleges not accepting them....hope all worked out for ya!
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    I'm also interested in what ended up happening. I don't know much at all about for-profit schools but I have heard many times that other schools won't accept their credits. So, did it work out?

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