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Of course everyone has SOME student loan to pay off. But what is the average debt load? I am thinking of going to further school for an ADN. It will be at least 2 years. I know that it will cost me a MINIMUM of 20 k. ... Read More

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    When everything is all said and done, I will be in about $50K in debt. I am going to an private, not-for-profit, university. I have enough scholarship to cover tuition but take out loans for books, fees, and childcare expense. I could have gone to a CC and received an ADN; but I would lose my scholarship and have to pay almost 30K for a bridge program and I would lose 1-2 yrs in earnings. We will be able to continue to live off my husbands salary until loans are paid off. Hopefully it should only take 2 years.

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    None at the moment, I hope I dont have any ever!
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    When I'm done, about $25,000. There is just no way I could have paid cash for it and honestly waiting wouldn't have made any difference as once we pay for gas, groceries, insurance, etc, there just anything left.
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    I had a sizeable chunk of student loan debt back from my first foray into university education (for a degree I never even completed, sigh) that I paid off about 8 years ago. I will do anything to keep myself from entering into another student loan situation ever EVER again.

    My husband and I are paying cash for my LVN program, unless I get a scholarship for it. We are good savers, and will be saving for my RN bridge program so that, too, can be paid in cash. Once I'm done with my nursing education, I want the money earned working as an RN to go toward living and enjoying our lives, not paying off a mountain of debt.
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    Anywhere between 19.5-31K depending on how these next 2 years of school are being paid for. That tiny little fact hasn't been made clear to me yet. I can't seem to get a straight answer from my dad as to whether I should accept my loans for this year, whether he's paying or if I'm using the rest of my college fund.
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    I am going to be in it for $35k due to being a single parent of 2 teenagers (who eat constantly) and having to scale back my work hours.

    I also had to sell all of my toys, hell practically everything that isn't required to feel like I don't live in an empty box.

    sometimes you have to sacrifice everything to live your dream. if I don't get a job after all this I may actually HAVE to live in an empty box lol.
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    Notice most of the people without debt are people who are married (someone else is bringing in an income). If you do a BSN program without doing ADN first, you'll likely get some hefty debt. If your university is 12k per year for full-time enrollment living off campus, do you think you can come up with $1000 a month to avoid debt? I doubt it, otherwise you'd probably keep the job you have.

    ADN program I'm in is costing less than $5000 total, not including gasoline and such. When I do my BSN afterward my total savings is going to be in the tens of thousands and I'm debt free.

    take it for what it's worth.
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    3 years into my undergrad BSN program (4 years), and I have about 10K in loans so far. I don't know if that's "good" or "bad", but I do know it's pretty much nothing compared to some of my friends who'll be graduating with about 25K+ in debt. I can't even imagine...
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    not_a_hat_person, so do you only have your lpn and not rn? if so can you tell me how long your school loan was and the approx monthly payment? Im looking at getting my adn and its bout $20,000 all together. Also, was it worth taking out that much of a loan for your lpN?
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    My family was able to help me some, so I have no debt from my BSN, but honestly - my whole program only cost 2-3k per semester, so you're talking 20-30k tops for a BSN. If you are paying more than that, and you're not an out of state student, you're doing something wrong.

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