Do i need Med surge exprience to work in the O.R?..

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    I need advice!
    I will be graduating August 2013. I really love the O.R and would like to work there as soon I get out of school.I was wondering if i should strictly put in my application for O.R nursing, or do I need to get Med surge experience before I can become an O.R nurse. I would like to continue my education as an O.R nurse, ultimately I want to obtain a RN first assistant certification.

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    Policies will vary from facility to facility. Two hospitals I applied to accepted new grads in the OR, the other required at least one year of med/surg first. Look into hospitals that offer OR internships or residencies.
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    I live in Houston, TX. I was browsing the Internet for O.R internships after!receiving your reply. I haven't had any look Finding I appreciate your reply.
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    . I was browsing the Internet for O.R internships after receiving your reply. I haven't had any look finding O.R internships in Houston,TX. Thank you for replying!
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    I work in the OR as a scrub tech and we hire people right out of school all the time.
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    If your overall goal is first assist then you should try to go directly into the OR. I wouldn't waste time in Med/Surg unless you could not get directly into the OR and need a job.

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